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Field Use Permits

Organized sports require a permit for field use.
This includes, but is not limited to, youth sports organizations, camps, etc.

Field Use Contact

Stephanie Gebele

Required Documentation

1. Online Facility Reservation Request. (You must be logged into your organization's account.)
2. Insurance Certificate, listing Deerfield Township as an additional insured (Carter Park also requires an insurance certificate for Deerfield Trails, Inc.) Coverage must be a minimum of one million dollars and include bodily injury and property damage liability.
3. Roster, indicating Deerfield Township Residency
*Insurance Certificates and Rosters should be emailed to

Field Use Policies

Field use is subject to approval by Deerfield Township Parks. If approved, you will receive a formal permit from Deerfield Township. Priority is given to Deerfield/Mason youth organizations. Remaining available field time is allotted on a first-come first-serve basis. Additional restrictions may apply.

Viewing Availability

1. Select the facility that you would like to use. (Cottell: Baseball Fields, Cottell: Soccer Fields, Fleckenstein: Baseball Fields, Fleckenstein: Soccer Fields)
2. On the facility page, you may view the calendar of activities. This is for informational purposes only; availability is not guaranteed.

Application Steps (Online Facility Use Request)

Please submit applications at least 30 days in advance to allow adequate time for processing.
1. Please log in to your organization's account. (If you do not have one, you may create one here.)
2. After you have logged in, please click on "Facilities" then "Reservation" in the main header menu. (Please note that "Reservation" does not appear unless you are logged in.)
3. On the next screen, select "Start a Reservation Request." (If you get an error that states online reservations are not available, please click on "Start a Reservation Request.)
4. Under “Select a Facility”, please select "Facility Name - Field Use Application" from the Select Location drop down box. (For example, to request a baseball field for Cottell Park, you would select "Cottell: Baseball Fields - Field Use Application.")
5. Enter the date you would like to reserve in the “Start Date” field.
6. Enter your times into the “Start Time” and “End Time” fields. (Please note that these times must fall within the hours of operation listed on this screen.)
7. Click on the “Next” button.
8. Your screen should now list your facility and the date you are requesting.
9. You should see your contact information that was brought in from your organization's account.
10. Enter any comments in the "Addtl Info" text box, such as field number preference and alternate dates/times.
11. Enter the “Purpose of Reservation.”
12. Enter your “Headcount” for number of people.
13. You will see a disclaimer statement. There is a checkbox underneath it to select to agree to our disclaimer.
14. Once you have finished all of the fields, please click on the “Submit” button.
15. You should then be brought to a confirmation screen stating that your request has been submitted.
16. Please Note: Field Use is not confirmed until a final, approved permit is posted to your organization's account. You will be contacted by Deerfield Township regarding your request prior to approval.